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We've identified the most useful resources for understanding, managing, providing, and orchestrating open data initiatives—with emphasis on rural regions. Explore resources through the following categories:

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Open Data Impact Map

This tool was developed to provide governments, international organizations, and researchers with a more comprehensive understanding of the demand for open data.

Open Data Standards Directory

An open data standard is a set of specifications for how some sets of data should be made publicly available. Like the data they describe, open data standards are generally developed “in the open”, meaning that anyone who is interested has a way to contribute.

Awesome Public Datasets

A list of high-quality public data sources organized by topic. Most of the datasets are open, however some are not.

Free GIS Data

A categorized list of links to over 300 sites providing freely available geographic datasets. Some sites require user registration.

OGP Toolbox

The objective of the OGP Toolbox is to empower public, private and civil society actors worldwide by sharing digital tools and resources, in order to promote democracy, transparency, participation and collaboration.