Open Data for
Open Government

This three year project will explore open data best practices, policy and delivery options in a rural setting.

Our primary focus is on regional and municipal governments in southeastern British Columbia.

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This survey will help us better understand: 1. The current level of awareness of, interest in, and concerns with open data in rural BC from perspective of both data producers and data users; 2. The factors motivating and supporting the current and potential supply and use of open government data; and 3. Priority data types and methods.

From our Researchers

Open Data Wordcloud

Open Data Interview: Renee Sieber

"Open data is an ongoing process. It's a struggle particularly in Canada, where open data is seen as a ...

Open Data Wordcloud

Open Data Interview: Suthee Sangiambut

"Determining what is ‘good’ open data can be difficult. It's not just a case of throwing AI at it ...

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Open Data Interview: Dr. Brent Hall

"Who pays for the acquisition of data is a burden people need to get over. It doesn't matter who ...

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Open Data Interview: Rory McGreal

"Often there is so much focus on standards that nothing actually gets done. I'm more a proponent of just ...